For more than 25 years I’ve been creating jewels inspired by my passion for life, for nature’s riches and everything organic; for the culture and traditions of Mexico.

The “Jewels from the Earth” concept was born from the way we use silver and amber, Mexican elements, as our raw materials; combining them with semiprecious gems from around the world. Each jewel is hand-crafted by a team of women, true artisans bringing all their creativity and skill to the work.

Every one of our pieces aims to inspire a reconnection with the earth, reminding us of those simple things that keep us rooted in life. Our collections are born of journeys to regions where we are inspired by, and then support, social and environmental causes.
For us, luxury is something that happens when a piece takes on your personal elegance and connects you with its origins, energizing you with thoughts of the artist and her inspiration process.

By telling the stories that are found in Mexico’s natural world, we hope to inspire widespread connection with the Earth.

To consolidate a globally-recognized luxury brand as an ambassador for the values of conservation, respect and rootedness in the Earth, which take shape in unique pieces of jewelry.

Curiosity, connections and respect for roots.

The Flora María brand is dedicated to the ‘global’ woman who sees her image as carrying a clear message of connectedness, with life and the Earth.


At Flora María we are committed to inspiring a connection to the Earth; letting each piece of jewelry tell a story that’s arisen from Mexico’s rich and diverse natural life.


Flora María is part of the group “Talents for El Triunfo”, supporting conservation of the Cloud Forest of the El Triunfo biosphere preserve, in southern Chiapas: the last refuge for many species in danger of extinction, including the majestic quetzal and mysterious peacock butterfly.

We also support the coffee-growing women of Grupo Metik. They are 35 women who cultivate high quality, organic, mountain-grown coffee on the slopes of this preserve. They yearn for self-sufficiency, for departing from the market model where they’ve earned the least of those along the production chain.

These women wish to train themselves so they may open their own coffee. We understand and share their dream and are enthusiastic about helping them reach it.


We want to link our work, and share it, with the women of Grupo Metik.
10% of sales from the Coffee collection go directly to them.


Flora María Sánchez is a jewelry designer whose 25 years of experience are distinguished by passion for life, for organic elegance and natural splendor, for the culture and traditions of Mexico. She is constantly in the process of traveling and connecting her work to real ecological or social causes to whom she supports.

At Flora María we are committed to inspiring connectedness to the earth; telling stories that arise from the natural world to take the form of fine jewelry.

We use Mexican amber and silver as raw materials, combining them with colorful natural stones. These earthly jewels are hand-crafted by a team of women, true artisans for whom knowledge and experience go hand in hand with creativity.

Our jewelry is offered for sale in six of our own stores, and via a worldwide network of distributors.